Collaborative robots for industrial palettizing assembly machine service packaging automation

jAKA collaborative robots

Compact and light, JAKA cobots build with prioritised safety and precision in mind. They have already helped hundreds of manufacturers automate their production lines and boost productivity. From welding to assembly, these flexible robot arms handle their responsibilities 24/7.

What Make JAKA Cobots Great for Industrial Automation

Graphic Programming

Anyone, with or without prior experience of programming, can effectively assign and monitor tasks to Jaka Zu cobots, using the intuitive, user-friendly software.

Drag Teaching

The Zu series features drag teaching – simply move the cobot to as position, and it will memorize it with a high degree of accuracy.

Plug and Play

Thanks to compact size, the installation of the JAKA Zu series is easy. Mount the cobots at any angle, and they’re ready to go immediately. True plug-and-play.


The JAKA Zu cobots are truly of the digital era. Regardless of geographical location, tasks may be monitored, and alerts raised, over the web.


No more annoyed cables! JAKA Cobot’s most outstanding difference from other robots is its wireless connection, which means no long and annoying wires attached.


The in-built torque feedback module ensures that collisions are detected and responded to instantaneously, making them safe to use around any humans

References - Factory automation

Robot test cell (research, development project)


Automotive, food, chemical, electronics industry, FMCG


manipulating, sorting products using a collaborative robots

Project features:

  • Product: in different sizes, weights, shapes, packaging
  • Camera inspection and orientation determination
  • Product pick-up from the moving conveyor and placing into bin
  • Demonstration/testing of special tasks requiring movement, rejects handling, bin picking tasks according to individual requirements
  • Test cell can be configured according to the application with JAKA robot and camera, conveyor tracks, Cognex camera, distance sensor, Siemens S7-1200 PLC